High Performance Enclosures 

September 18th and 19th 

High-Performance Enclosures is an in-depth training on the applied building science techniques related to foundations, walls, roofs, and insulation. This two-day class will discuss the science behind designing and constructing durable, energy efficient walls. Participants will analyze how the building science principles of air, heat, and moisture flow interact with different wall-system designs. Participants will review ten wall section mock-ups in the lab and decide which designs are compatible with their climate zone. Participants will review details for improvising connections of the wall to foundation and wall to attic. 

Trainers will teach participants how to design foundation systems that maintain home comfort and health. Trainers will review techniques to manage the effects of liquid water on foundations; they will learn to keep pests out of the building enclosure. 

Participants will learn to design long-lasting roof systems for high performance homes. Trainers will discuss roof design strategies for effective load and peak thermal performance. 

Participants will learn the physics of insulation. The class will teach the building science principles and physics behind insulation types and the importance of choosing the best insulation in differing building enclosure designs.