Session Topics 

  • Applied building science for today’s modern building enclosure. 

  • High-performance wall systems and assembly choices for today, tomorrow, and beyond. 

  • Foundation systems that last. How to keep them warm, dry, and reduce pest invasion. 

  • IAQ & ventilation: Air quality systems selection and integration, by climate zone. 

  • Roof system design and applied details. 

What You Will Accomplish 

  • Learn the tools, techniques, and products that will eliminate your moisture concerns in all elements of your homes.
  • Experience the options, alternatives, and challenges to installing continuous insulation and discover the best ways to guarantee you understand and meet your airtightness goals.
  • Ask questions about high-performance building products, techniques, and strategies that can improve your homes in the most cost-effective ways.
  • Use building science to create a decision path to avoid your most significant risks and find the best opportunities for improved performance.
  • Meet the increasing expectations of homeowners while considering the architecture and lifestyle needs of the modern household.


Who Should Attend Ci Live?

  • Anyone involved in the Residential Building Industry 
    • Builders, General Contractors, Architects, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributers, Sales Reps, Energy Raters, Purchasing Managers, Engineers, 
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Prerequisites: None

Learning Objectives 

  • Learn the elements of high-performance homes and how they help respond to changing codes, programs and standards as well as the ever-increasing expectations of homeowners.

  • Understand the fundamentals or air, heat and moisture flow and see how they can be applied to make better material and methods decisions.

  • Learn the common metrics and methods of performance testing for water, heat and air flow management in the residential construction industry.

  • Identify a decision matrix for comparing and selecting appropriate building materials for foundations, walls, roofs and windows. Dozens of building materials and assemblies will be available to participants to evaluate.

  • Identify building process changes needed to cost-effectively implement elements of high-performance homes.

  • Understand the basics of HVAC design and equipment options and how they are impacted by building enclosure decisions made by designers and builders.