High Performance HVAC & IAQ 

May 22nd and 23rd, 2024 

Construction Instruction's High-Performance HVAC & IAQ training class is a deep dive into applied building science techniques and tools related to HVAC, indoor air quality, and mechanical systems. During this two-day course, participants will learn about the connection between building science and mechanical system designs in new homes and retrofits. Participants will analyze different mechanical systems and their compatibility with differing climate zones and applications. Participants will learn to perfect their installation, commissioning, and testing of HVAC systems put into projects. This class will review how indoor air pollutants are related to construction materials, techniques, and occupant activities.

This class empowers participants to develop a decision matrix for integrating HVAC into design ideas. Participants will learn to holistically design projects with cost effective high-performance building products, techniques, and strategies. Participants will discuss the balance between the increasing expectations of homeowners and the architecture and lifestyle needs of the modern household. Participants will discuss changing codes that will require architectural changes to builds. Participants will learn about the EPA’s new Indoor airPLUS program and discuss associated opportunities for builders, designers, and trades.