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New Construction air leakage requirements continue to advance, creating more efficient and higher quality homes. With an average of 22 subcontractors splitting the responsibility of air sealing in a typical building, builders run a high risk of failing to obtain an occupancy certification. But, with any challenge comes opportunity. Contractors have found a method to become the single source for Air Sealing and surpass growing builder needs, guaranteed. AeroBarrier’s innovative approach to air sealing integrates industry leading testing equipment to streamline the process, making it easier than ever to meet any code or requirement and seal more homes per day, all without the worry of costly rework. Meet the technology that is bringing flexibility and efficiency to contractors by turning an unpredictable, manual task into a consistent, dependable process for greater revenue.

Session Topics

  • Why air sealing matters
  • Inefficiencies found in traditional air sealing methods and products
  • An overview of the technology that is GUARANTEEING Air Sealing results
  • Real World AeroBarrier results from the field
  • Why every contractor should consider AeroBarrier to achieve greater results


Gord Cooke

Paul Springer

National Director - AeroBarrier

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